Tulip Value Study

This was a value study of a tulip in direct sunlight. The transparency of the petals actually gave me more of a challenge than I was expecting as they cast shadows on themselves that were visible underneath. But hey, if I chose something super simple then it wouldn’t be much of a study now would it?
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Vase Still Life Study

Being more of a coder and UI designer doesn’t leave me with as much time to paint and draw as I’d like to these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love designing layouts and interfaces… but sometimes I just want to sketch a dog, paint a fantasy scene, or try to draw something I saw in a dream. I try to do quick still life sketches as often as I can to keep myself sharp.

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Spring Cleaning

Hi there! First post of the new blog, exciting isn’t it?! I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning around here and just redesigned the ol’ portfolio, so I decided to incorporate my blog into it as well. Now you get to read all my ramblings in a single confined realm of madness… you’re SO thrilled, I can tell already. I’ll be using this blog mainly for posting some personal projects and artwork I’m working on, as well as some general status updates regarding things going on in my life. So kick off your shoes and stay awhile, let’s get crazy!